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Directory for Free SMS Sites

Posted by Seputar HP pada Kamis - 26 Juni 2008

Sending text messages has never been easier. Use your computer to send text messages anywhere in the world for free. Save money with great international SMS rates and enjoy keeping in touch with friends and family, wherever they are, without worrying about high phone bills. You can visit my last posting about free sms in Indonesia, here and here.

There are many websites that let you send text messages free. Example free sms sites include,, fonetastic and you can now find free sms on too. And is an easy-to-use sms directory that lists 224 free sms text messaging sites. So that means that you can now send free sms to almost anywhere in the world, simply by returning to TextMeFree, using the best sms site you find and adding an sms review, so that others can see if the sms service is any good or not.

2 Tanggapan to “Directory for Free SMS Sites”

  1. hi, why don’t you update the info about send free sms from pc to mobile?

  2. Hi friends,
    You can also visit to enjoy free international sms.
    Enjoy free sms

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